My Story

Oh those West Virginia Hills

I was raised in a little town named Rivesville just outside of Fairmont, WV, where I would later move in my early teen years.

I've was always a little competitive and probably helped define the word overachiever.

My love of numbers and strong desire to wear fancy business suits when I grew up led me down the road to getting an accounting degree at Fairmont State University and ultimately a career in finance.

After spending years of my life studying for license after license and analyzing stock report after stock report, I realized this was not how I wanted the rest of my days to be spent. I did not want to go down in history as living a life spent inside four walls obsessing over the stock market and tax codes.

Fast forward several years and I have discovered that in my focused pursuit of all the things I thought I wanted more than anything, I had totally lost sight of who I was and what really matters. I had completely missed the point.

While some would say I was successful at many things, I realized I had somehow utterly failed at life.

Enter Yoga...

In order to deal with the pressure of the life I had unintentionally created and remain somewhat sane, I turned to yoga at Power Yoga Morgantown in Morgantown, WV, where I used to live. This began a slow healing process which ultimately led to a total demise of who I had decided I needed to be.

It's been said that God works in mysterious ways.

At first, going to yoga was all about the physical benefits. I loved the sweat. I had fun pushing and challenging myself in ways I never imagined. I would fall over and over and over, but every time I held crow or caught a few seconds in handstand, I fell a little deeper in love with the practice.

This love eventually led me to purse a 200 RYT certificate in the fall of 2014 from Bala Vinyasa Yoga (now Green Monkey) in Naples, Florida as well as training under Baron Baptiste in Upstate New York during the summer of 2015.

These days, my life looks a lot different. I no longer sit through lengthy business meetings wearing uncomfortable suits and heels. Instead, most days you’ll find me in yoga pants and barefoot either taking or teaching a yoga class and working on new ventures.

Where is she now?

Well, that's kind of why I started WV Yogi! My life has led me all across this beautiful country. I've traveled all over and I've lived in Naples, FL, Superior, CO, and now I currently live near Sarasota, FL; however, who knows where life will take me next. I really do miss that fall!

Yet truly, there is no place like home.

No, I don't miss driving in the snow, but I do miss those cool fall days, hot chocolate and wassail by a camp fire, and mom's soup beans and cornbread. Oh, and did I mentioned that the people of WV are some of the nicest you'll meet anywhere in the world? The more I wander, the more I realize what a special place my home state is.

My husband, whom I've known since kindergarten, made me a few shirts with some of the designs you'll now see in the shop. They helped me get through those days of being homesick and missing those WV hills. I just couldn't help but share them with my fellow West Virginia Yogis!

WV Yogi will always help me stay grounded in my roots. In my efforts to constantly grow as a human being, sometimes it's just nice to have that nostalgia of days gone by.

Join Me

Whether you currently live in West Virginia or just want to reminisce of those days of Mountaineer football tailgates (go Eers!), gorgeous fall leaves, and stunning rolling hills, join me in wearing our WV Yogi pride!

Love Always, Leslie Wright

“Each one of us has a fire in our heart for something. It's our goal in life to find it and keep it lit.” ―Mary Lou Retton